TV Day November 18th – Programme online!

Kick-Off-Event Screenplay competition HEROINES IN SERIES
Location: Säulenhalle, 1.OG, Aula der Wissenschaften Bäckerstraße 20, 1010 Wien
Welcome by Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl, Minister of Digitalisiation and    Business Location
Panel „Heroines from the fields of Economy, Science and Technics“.
Experts from Economy, Science and Technics, as well as representatives of the TV industry in conversation about the conception and development of female characters in series.

Christine Antlanger-Winter, country director Google Austria
Tatjana Oppitz, vice rector University of Economics Austria
Judith Angerbauer, screenwriter (THE NEW ERA et al.)
Kathrin Zechner, program director ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Service)
moderated by Julia Pühringer, film journalist
Announcement of Screenwriting Competition: Florian Frauscher,
Director General, Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs
Programme ProPro TV Day 
Welcome by Iris Zappe-Heller, Austrian Film Institute, Ursula Wolschlager and Esther Krausz, ProPro - Producers‘ Programme for Women
„It’s a Financing Jungle out there, Team Up!“ – Lecture & Panel
  Lecture "TV Financing in Europe" by Marike Muselaers / CEO Lumière Group
The new European TV-industry and how the value chain is changing.
Financing models in this new TV industry and how to navigate this jungle.
Why marketing and distribution are key. Opportunities for producers in this new paradigm. Case studies: global platform vs territory-by-territory and what this means for long-tail revenue.

Panel talk 
Financing is becoming a major struggle for producers. The demand for content 
increases and so do our budgets; who out there is willing to pay for an Austrian 
TV-series? Where are they and how do we approach new potential partners? 
What innovative new structures and financing models will suit our productions 
in the near future? What can we expect for our series from the international 
markets in the coming years? Original local dramas from all over Europe are 
widely distributed, what can we expect from Austrian drama? Is it stepping up?

Marike Muselaers, CEO Lumière Group
Katharina Schenk, Head of Fiction, ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Service)
Heinrich Ambrosch, Producer SATEL-Film
Tatjana Samopjan / Fractal Volcano
moderated by Caroline Palmstierna, SHOOT FOR THE MOON AB, Sales Expert
(in English)
"TV Series with no Expiration Date" by Tatjana Samopjan / Fractal Volcano
Lecture What makes some TV-series last and get better with each season, while others start dying after just a few episodes? Why do some series affect us deeply, while others are temporary entertainment? What are the necessary ingredients of a successful long-running series - the kind that does not seem to have an expiration date? 
(in English)
From 19:30         
Networking & Drinks
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ProPro – The Producers’ Programme for Women is an initiative of the Austrian Film Institute to empower women film producers.
We thank our partners of the ProPro TV Day: Austrian Film Institute, FISA-film industry support Austria, Vienna Economic Chamber, dep. film- and music-industry, ORF, RTR  Austrian television fund, FC Gloria.
We look forward to an exciting day full of inspiration, empowerment, networking opportunities and interesting insights!
Ursula Wolschlager, Esther Krausz - ProPro – The Producers’ Programme for Women
Julia Schmölz, Christiane Lienhart – FISA- Location Austria

ProPro- Producers´ Programme for Women is an initiative of the Austrian Film Institute to empower women film-producers. It is one of the measures the Austrian Film Institute has taken in order to reach more gender-equality in the film-industry. Every second year, since 2015, we select a group of women-producers for a workshop-week of project-development, carreer- and company-consulting, leadership-skills training, and networking. 
The programme was developped by Austrian producer Ursula Wolschlager and Esther Krausz. ProPro2019 is proud to be the first gender-initiative to receive the Eurimages Patronage.

SAVE THE DATE! – ProPro TV Day am 18.11.2019 in Wien!

ProPro – das Produzentinnen-Programm, eine Initiative des Filminstituts zur Stärkung von Filmproduzentinnen, präsentiert ein Branchenevent zu aktuellen Entwicklungen im TV-Sektor!

Das Programm bietet der TV- und Filmbranche eine Auseinandersetzung über aktuelle Herausforderungen an Produktionsprozessen und TV-Finanzierungen, sowie kreative und innovative Strategien . 

Um 14:00 beginnt der öffentlich zugänglichen Teil – all genders welcome.

Wir freuen uns, dass Wirtschaftsministerin Elisabeth Udolf-Strobl, deren Ressort für FISA zuständig ist, ihr Kommen zugesagt hat. Dabei wird der erste österreichische Drehbuchwettbewerb für Serien präsentiert, der vom BMDW ins Leben gerufen wurde.

Weitere Schwerpunkte des Programms sind international besetzte Podiumsgespräche, Impulsvorträge und Case Studies mit Expert*innen aus TV- und Serien-Produktion.

Als Panel-Gäste erwarten wir hochkarätige Expertinnen der europäischen TV- und Serien-Produktion, u.a. Katharina Schenk, Leiterin der ORF-Hauptabteilung Fernsehfilm, Marike Muselaers, CEO Lumière Group und Caroline Palmstierna, Sales-Expertin und Spin Doctor für TV-Produktionen.

Beginn: 14:00 Uhr

Ende: ca. 19:30 Uhr mit anschließendem Umtrunk

Ort: Aula der Wissenschaften, Säulenhalle 1.OG, Bäckerstraße 20, 1010 Wien

Wir freuen uns auf einen spannenden Tag voller Inspiration, Empowerment, Vernetzungsmöglichkeiten und interessanter Einblicke!

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Wir bitten um Anmeldung bis 13.11.2019 unter:


ProPro: Esther Krausz und Ursula Wolschlager,, Email:

FISA: Christiane Lienhart und Nina-Anica Keidies,, Email:

PartnerInnen der Veranstaltung sind: Das Österreichische FilminstitutFISA-Filmstandort AustriaWKW-Fachvertretung Wien der Film- und MusikwirtschaftORFRTR-Fernsehfonds Austria und FC-Gloria.

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ProPro – Produzentinnenprogramm ist eine Initiative des Österreichischen Filminstituts zur Stärkung von Filmproduzentinnen.

ProPro wurde konzipiert von der Produzentin und Erwachsenenbildnerin Ursula Wolschlager („Die Vaterlosen“, “ Diverse Geschichten“) und Esther Krausz (Österreichisches Filminstitut- ehemalige EAVE-Workshop Managerin), in Zusammenarbeit mit FC Gloria | Frauen | Vernetzung | Film (Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg) und ÖFI Genderanliegen (Iris Zappe-Heller), mit Unterstützung der Fachvertretung Wien der Film- und Musikwirtschaft (Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Martin Kofler).

Save the Date! ProPro TV Day on Nov 18, 2019!

On November 18th, we are planning a day of inspiration, empowerment and useful insights – the ProPro TV Day. The day will be composed of a workshop for ProPro alumnae, followed by sessions open to all interested film-professionals – case-studies, panel-talks and lectures of international experts.
Location: WKW-Haus der Wiener Wirtschaft, Straße der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna

In order to build a sustainable company, it has proven lately that it is of utmost importance to include tv-production in your business plan. The industry is shaken up by new players, more demanding audiences whose appetite wants to be appeased by fresh approaches and innovative ways of story-telling. These developments challenge common production-processes and -structures, but also open up chances for creativity, and encourage out-of-the-box strategies. 

Partners: Austrian Film Institute, WKW-professional representative association for the film and music industry, ORF, RTR-Austrian television fund, FISA-film industry support Austria

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ProPro 2019 – Public Events

The 3rd Edition of ProPro – The Producers’ Programme for Women starts soon with numerous public events – open to everybody! Mark your calendars and share with your friends!

Here you can find the public events in detail.

Attention: New location! WKW Wien (Straße der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Wien)
Please register for the events via 

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3rd June – 7th June 2019

WKW Vienna (Strasse der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna)

Mark your calendars for numerous public events within the ProPro Producers’ Programme for Women with high scale international female industry professionals.
Save the date and forward to your friends!

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Previous guest were: Ewa Puszczyńska (Producer PL), Linda Beath (Filmfinancing Expert, IT/CAN), Lise Lense-Møller (Producer, DK), Bongiwe Selane (Producer, South Africa), Bettina Brokemper (Producer, GER), Kate Leys (Script Consultant, UK), Gabriela Bacher (Producer GER/US), Paula Vaccaro (Producer, UK/IT).

The detailed programme will be updated constantly and soon published here.

ProPro – The Producers‘ Programme for Women, an initiative by the Austrian Film Institute to Empower Women Film Producers will have it’s 3rd and goes international.
We are very happy to welcome 20 international participants from Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, South Tirol, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico.
Together with international experts, the workshop will support women to further develop their film projects and/or company strategies, leadership skills and career planning.

ProPro is supported by the Vienna Economic Chamber, dep. film and music industry, FISA – Film Location Austria, RTR – Austrian Television Fund.
ProPro 2019 will be realised together with our international cooperation partners: FOCAL Switzerland, Norwegian Film Institute NFI:LAB, Slovenian Film Centre, Film Fund Luxembourg, SATEL Foundation, IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige, Film Center Serbia, IMCINE – Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía. 

ProPro was designed by Ursula Wolschlager (Witcraft Filmproduktion, FC Gloria, Diverse Stories) and Esther Krausz MA (Austrian Film Institute Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA, former EAVE workshop manager) with the support of FC Gloria Women’s Film Network (Mag.a Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg) and Austrian Film Institute, Gender Issues (Mag.a Iris Zappe- Heller).