Feedback of Participants


„The programme was so well organised and very useful for both the participants and mentors. I found it to be a really inspiring group of people that I might not otherwise have met. It was such a warm atmosphere, highly professional but also friendly and supportive and everyone felt comfortable to share so much helpful personal experience and lessons learned.“ 
(Wendy Mitchell, ProPro Expert 2019, Film Journalist, Moderator, Festival Consultant/Screen International and ScreenDaily)

„I was able to broaden my horizons, got challenged, had the chance to exchange valuable ideas with others. Now I feel well equipped for the future.“ 
(Magdalena Brix, participant 2019)

„It is highly inspirational and I have so much energy now to work on strategies and projects.“
(Lixi Frank, participant 2019)

„I had high expectations, but it really exceeded them.“
(Cassandra Han, participant 2019)

„This is one of the most important workshops that I attended in my career, until now (…) very important for every producer who is just about or just have opened company.“ 
(Aleksandra Lazarovski, participant 2019)

„I still marvel at the mix of experts and participants, and the support from and for all. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity. Also, the mix of participants was incredible. I’ve never before experienced such a harmonious and supportive women only group/workshop. I learnt and grew a lot this past week.“ 
(Michelle Klösch, participant 2019)


Viktoria Salcher (Alphabet): “A wonderful platform for constructive discussions with remarkable female producers from all over Europe“

Gabriele Kranzelbinder (We Come as Friends): “An intensive exchange that brought me many new ideas and inspiration.”

Katja Dor-Helmer (Das Pferd auf dem Balkon/The Horse on the Balcony): “The selection of female mentors and the enthusiasm of the participants made ProPro the best workshop I have ever attended.”

Ebba Sinzinger (Pianomania): “Great. A real energy boost!”

Constanze Schumann (Inside America): “Highly competent and motivated mentors who passed on an immense wealth of knowledge.”

Karin C. Berger (Einer von uns/One of Us): “ProPro was a week filled with experienced women experts and mentors who passed on their knowledge openly and were an inspiration to me.”

Daniela Praher (Private Revolutions): “An intensive week of valuable input by women experts and mentors as well as practice-oriented work on projects and good networking among colleagues.”

Sandra Fasolt-Baker (Und Äktschn): “It was reassuring to find out that others producers are also just using water to cook (according to an Austrian saying) – but after the 5-day ProPro workshop, this water became crystal clear.”