Christine Bauer-Jelinek

© Florian Bauer

Business Coach, author and international authority on power competence

Her books and numerous interviews in the media have made her famous as an expert on issues of career and power. In her seminars and lectures – including her work as a guest lecturer at the Donau University of Krems – Christine Bauer-Jelinek presents an efficient approach to difficult negotiations with employers, sponsors, authorities, colleagues and clients. The aim is to assert one’s own interests as well as possible, to defend against attacks while bearing in mind considerations of ethics and responsibility, to deconstruct mental-emotional blockages and to develop agenda-setting power. Her clients include female and male decision-makers in economics, administration and politics, senior officials in interest associations and non-profit organisations, founders and business people. The emphasis of her research and work is on mechanisms of power and their gender aspect and presentation, including the „insignia of power“.

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