Supporters 2019

ProPro – The Producers‘ Programme for Women, an initiative by the Austrian Film Institute to Empower Women Film Producers is having it’s 3rd and goes international.
We are very happy to welcome 20 international participants from Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, South Tirol, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico.
ProPro2019 is supported by the Vienna Economic Chamberdep. film and music industry – Mag. Martin Kofler, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, FISA – Film Industry Support Austria – Maga. Juliane Buchroithner, Maga. Julia Schmölz, Maga Christiane Lienhart, Maga. Sylvia Vana; RTR – Austrian Television Fund – Tünde Senhofer.

This international edition of ProPro 2019 is made possible by the dedicated support of our international cooperation partners: FOCAL Switzerland – Rachel Schmid, Pierre Agthe, Jessica Hefti; Norwegian Film Institute NFI:LAB – Rune Tellefsen, Jannicke Stendal; Slovenian Film Centre – Natasa Bucar; Film Fund Luxembourg – Karin Schockweiler, Carole Kremer; SATEL Film – Heinrich Ambrosch; IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige – Birgit Oberkofler, Renate Ranzi, Ingrid Silbernagl; Film Center Serbia – Una Domazetoski, Andjelija Andric, Boban Jevtic, IMCINE – Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía – Angela Guerrero Arias, José Miguel. 

ProPro was designed by Ursula Wolschlager (Witcraft Filmproduktion, FC Gloria, Diverse Stories) and Esther Krausz, MA (Austrian Film Institute Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA, former EAVE workshop manager) with the support of FC Gloria Women’s Film Network (Mag.a Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg) and Austrian Film Institute, Gender Issues (Mag.a Iris Zappe- Heller).
ProPro2019 is proud to be the first gender-initiative to receive the Eurimages Patronage.

We thank our networking partners drehbuchFORUM/ Screenwriters ForumMag.a Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg, FAMA – Film and Music Austria – Dr. Werner Müller, Vienna Film Commission – Marjana Stoisits, Vienna Film Fund – MMag.a Gerlinde Seitner, and CED Austria – MEDIA – Esther Krausz.

We would also like to thank all our alumnae, mentors, experts, our friends and colleagues from the international professional film-world for their continuous support, encouragement and inspiration:

EAVE (Kristina Trapp and Satu Elu), EPI, EWA-Network, WIFT Germany, WIFT UK, WIFTI, SWIFT South Africa, Pro Quote Film (Barbara Rohm, Esther Gronenberg, Bettina Schoeller Bouju), MEDIA Desks-Network, the team of the Austrian Film Institute – Martina Lattacher, Gerhard Höninger, Nina Korecky, Alessandro Chia, Gabriele Knittel, Birgit Moldaschl, Mark Grünsteidl; Laura Wichmann, Naima Schmidt (Witcraft), Benedikt Wolloner (WKW), Gabriela Dalla (WKW), Danny Krausz (Dor Film), Oliver Neumann und Sabine Moser (Freibeuter Film), Christian Neubacher und Stefanie Weberhofer (drehbuchFORUM), Dina Rubanovits (EPI- Erich Pommer Institut), Conny Hammelmann, Kate Leys, Faysal Omer and Mathijs Wouter Knoll (Producer´s Hub, EFM Berlinale), Ada Solomon, Ewa Puszczynska, Daniela Stanikova/CED CZ, Jiri Konecny, Andjelija Andrić/FCS, Andrea Pollach, Dr. Barbara Fränzen.

We thank Alan Fountain and Tove Torbiörnsson for their inspiring impulses.

Special thanks go out to Marianne Furevold and NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.