About the Programme 2015

Female Austrian film producers have one major difficulty: There’s no generation before them. No one to look up to, criticize, imitate, argue with. No one to be mentored by.

This lack of predecessors and networks to previous, more powerful, generations leads to a limitation, which acts as a self-limitation: Every protagonist needs to reinvent the wheel. Deeper industry expertise is sometimes cryptic and certain circles inaccessible – a situation that can hardly be resolved in the existing system. Structures need to change through focus on cooperation, mentorship, and togetherness.

To this end, ProPro was created. The selected participants, all experienced female Austrian producers can address their most urgent issues and will be supported by international high-caliber producers and other experts who mentor them with hands-on advice for their film projects, coaching on their leadership skills and encouragement to think big in their career planning and strategies for success.

Many events are open to the public, so more industry protagonists can benefit. The lectures, talks, and case studies are meant to provide new knowhow, create insights, and spark discussions.

The programme is meant to support, empower and inspire.

Ursula Wolschlager & Esther Krausz
(Conception and Programming)