Detailed Programme 2019

ProPro – The Producers’ Programme for Women will take place for the 3rd time in Vienna, June 3rd – 7th, 2019, with an additional day of a strategic planning workshop on June 8th.
The one-week residential workshop programme is designed to support participants – producers who were selected prior to the programme – to further develop their careers, company strategies and film projects. 
The schedule includes group work, lectures, individual meetings with mentors and experts, and networking events. 
Public Events, open to all interested individuals, are also part of the programme, where current topics of the film industry will be discussed.

Group Sessions

The group sessions are restricted to the ProPro2019 participants only.


Each producer who participates with a fictional, documentary or TV series project, is matched with a mentor who will support her regarding practical aspects of her project, company, and career. 
For this, the participants are divided into two groups, A and B.

The topics can include general positioning, script development, packaging, budgeting, (international) financing, production, and distribution. 

The participants are advised to carefully read the other participants’ projects (this affects all participants, also the ones who chose to do business planning), so they will be able to contribute by sharing constructive feedback. 
These sessions are held by one of our renowned mentors and will be moderated by the ProPro team.
Three to six months after the workshop week, 2 follow up meetings (by Skype, phone or in person) can take place, initiated by the participant to get further support in their individual progress.

The 2019 project-mentors are Gabriela Bacher (Summerstorm Entertainment, DE/US), Géraldine Bajard (Director, Author & Script Consultant FR/CH), Marta Donzelli (producer Vivo Film, IT), Marianne Furevold (producer NRK-Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NO), Isabel Ivars (Sales Agent, DE), Ankica Jurić-Tilić (producer Kinorama, HR), Tereza Šimíková (CPH:DOX Forum, CZ/DK) and Paula Vaccaro (producer Pinball London, UK).


with Géraldine Bajard (Director, Author & Script Consultant FR/CH), Marianne Furevold (NRK-Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NO) and Ursula Wolschlager (Witcraft, AT)

The focus of this session is to use the pitch as a development-tool: The panellists will all receive a one-page synopsis or pitch doc in advance.
The participants will pitch their idea for a maximum of 2-3 mins. 
The panel will give feedback on the pitch, and use the one-page synopsis to open up the discussion if requested. 
The aim is to find the core of the story, and being able to express it and get it across. 


With Marit van den Elshout (CineMart, NL) and Tereza Šimíková (CPH:DOX Forum, CZ/DK)

The focus of this session is to define the ideal festival, sales and distribution strategy.
The participants will pitch for a maximum of 2-3 mins. 
The experts will give feedback on the pitch, and use the one-page synopsis to open up the discussion if requested, especially advising the participants regarding their strategies in regards to the distribution of the projects.


With the support of an experienced coach, the participants work on their positioning, personal mission statement, leadership and communication skills, as well as their negotiation techniques and collaboration strategies.
This year´s personal and business coach is Susanna Wieseneder.


Everything you always wanted to know about production and sales but never dared to ask.
With Ankica Jurić-Tilić (Kinorama, HR), Marta Donzelli (Vivo Film, IT), Gabriela Bacher (Summerstorm Entertainment, DE/US), Isabel Ivars (Sales Agent, DE)

Here is THE ONE chance to ask all the silly and not so silly questions in a secure environment. Put down your questions on pieces of paper and throw them in the box. All present experts will give answers. 

Strategic Planning Workshop by Linda Beath

2 DAYS – for Business Planning participants (without project)
Frid 7th and Sat 8th (2 full days) – only for producers who run companies with several employees and participate without a project.

A professional management workshop adapted to be effective for companies within the screen industries. Linda Beath will facilitate and perform private and confidential planning sessions of intensive strategic planning of a five year perspective, with five companies.
There will be a series of issues raised in a central room, and then each company will adjourn to a private room to work on a specific topic. When the group is satisfied with the decisions made, Linda will review them and offer advice or ask about implications in various aspects of their notes.

Afterwards, another issue to consider will be explained to each group, and work within the individual teams will continue. There are a total of nine key issues to be addressed in the workshop, but within each company there will be a series of unique issues raised, different problems discussed, and resolutions made. 
After two days, each company will have a tailored, prioritized, and documented strategy to trigger a focused and highly motivational collaboration that inspires company growth.

Networking Events

Networking events with leading Austrian film institutions are meant to provide opportunities for informal talks during lunches/dinners and snack breaks.

By Invitation Only

Certain events are open to participants and alumnae of the previous editions.
These sessions cover various fields which are important in the film industry.


The Do’s and Don’t’s of a Fruitful Development Process. 
With Géraldine Bajard (Director, Author & Script Consultant FR/CH), Marianne Furevold (NRK-Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NO). Moderated by Ursula Wolschlager

How do you structure the process? Deadlines, deliveries, approvals.
The productive setup, constructive feedback, the right amount of interest, pressure.
Do you send notes? How do you handle your writers’ writer’s block? 
How do you act if you need to replace the writer? 
Phases & layers in the development process (from inside (theme) > out (plot) and vice versa.)


With Marit van den Elshout (CineMart, NL) and Tereza Šimíková (CPH:DOX Forum, CZ/DK)

Overview on markets, festivals, labs. How to choose the best format for you/your project? When/Why attend a market/lab/festival. What are the requirements in regard to the project, and project material? What can you expect as an outcome? Which projects fit where?


With Isabel Ivars (Sales Agent, Filmsboutique, DE) 

How to find the best sales agent for your film? Do’s and Dont’s when dealing with a sales agent. Pitfalls and important things to consider when negotiating a sales & distribution deal. Finding the right revenue and the festival strategy in times where theatrical releases getting slimmer and slimmer for small – medium productions and independent films.


With Wendy Mitchell (Screen International, UK)

How to deal with international press? Who are the most important players and how to approach them? Traditional vs social media. The publicist´s role and limits. Which materials do you need to provide? What to consider when assembling key visuals/press kits, EPKs.


With Ankica Jurić-Tilić (Kinorama, HR), Marta Donzelli (Vivo Film, IT) and Gabriela Bacher (Summerstorm Entertainment, DE/US)

With three highly experienced producers working in different territories of the international arena, we will discuss several aspects of co-production and co-financing. 
How to find a suitable co-producer: 

  • What is important when you negotiate deal memos and co-production agreements?
  • What can go wrong? 
  • What sources of financial benefits are possible in different territories, apart from subsidies: Tax credits, MGs, equity investors, loans…
  • European Convention, treaties…


Managing Your Slate: the Key to a Sustainable Production Company
How to entertain a sensible development slate that allows consistent production levels each year, quicker decision making and support of key talent by making critical choices about which projects to develop and why.

Company Strategies
Think outside the box! A business consultant specialized in companies with the screen industries, delivers inspiration, and advises small businesses on how to find new strategies: How can I restructure my company to find synergies, cooperation, and smarter ways of operating?

Public Events

Please register for all events via!

Monday, June 3rd 2019

9.30 Keynote 
by Julia Pühringer
A history of women: More than a hundred years ago, women were among the inventors of cinema. But film history and the film canon taught us otherwise. An outline of the many ways female filmmakers were and still are written out of history and a manual of how and where to find and promote them, then and now.

New Location! WKW, Strasse der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna – Saal 01
Update: Here you can find Julia Pühringers whole speech!

19.00 Panel discussion
Meet the international and national supporting partners of ProPro 
Panel guests: Karin Schockweiler (Film Fund Luxembourg), Birgit Oberkofler (IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige), Nataša Bučar (Slovenian Film Centre), Rune Tellefsen (Norwegian Film Institute), Iris Zappe-Heller (Austrian Film Institute/Eurimages), Juliane Buchroithner (FISA – Film Industry Support Austria)
In cooperation with FC Gloria Frauen Vernetzung Film
Drinks & snacks sponsored by FISA – Film Industry Support Austria

New Location! WKW, Strasse der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna – Saal 05

Tuesday, June 4th 2019

20.15 Awards Ceremony
Drehbuchwettbewerb zu Frauen*figuren jenseits der Klischees.
Preisverleihung und Gespräch mit der Regisseurin, Drehbuchautorin und Produzentin Jessica Hausner, die mit Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg über die Entwicklung ihrer Frauen*figuren, das Drehbuchschreiben, sowie ihre Rolle als Produzentin sprechen wird.
Eine Initiative des Drehbuchforum Wien und des Österreichischen Filminstituts/gender*in*equality in Kooperation mit FC GLORIA Frauen Vernetzung Film.
Die Preisverleihung findet in Kooperation mit dem ProPro Produzentinnen Programm statt.

Anmeldung unbedingt erforderlich bis 28. Mai 2019 unter diesem Link.

Location: Filmcasino Wien, Margaretenstraße 78, 1050 Wien

Wednesday, June 5th 2019

17.30 Workshop
Reflecting blind spots and preconceptions
Public workshop by Paula Vaccaro (Producer, Pinball London, UK)

When we create films, videos and radio programmes, we tend to reproduce unconscious biases. The good news is unconscious biases are not permanent. In fact, they are malleable and steps can be taken to limit their impact on our thoughts and behaviours.
Public workshop by Paula Vaccaro (Producer Pinball London, UK)

New Location! WKW, Strasse der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna – Saal 05

19.00 Panel talk
Creating international strategies for local stories in the age of FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google). How is the old co-production model being re-shaped by the ongoing crisis/transformation?
Panel guests: Tereza Šimíková (CPH:DOX & Chicken and Egg Pics, CZ/DK), Paula Vaccaro (Producer, Pinball London, UK), Linda Beath (Film Financing and Distribution Expert, IT/CAN)
Moderated by Arash T. Riahi (Golden Girls Filmproduction, AT)
In cooperation with 
Drinks & snacks sponsored by
New Location! WKW, Strasse der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna – Saal 05

Thursday, June 6th 2019

19:00 Case Study & Panel talk
How to create a catchy story with substance and find the right audience
Is the famous quote by Sam Goldwyn true? Or is there ways to get our stories, that have „messages“ seen, if we find the right ways to tell them and clever strategies to communicate with an audience?

Case Study by Marta Donzelli (Producer Vivo Film, IT), Isabel Ivars (Films Boutique, Festivals): FLESH OUT (dir. Michela Occhipinti)
Panorama Section at the 69th Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival

Followed by a panel talk:
Panel guests: Marta Donzelli (Producer, Vivo Film, IT), Isabel Ivars (Films Boutique, Festivals), Ankica Jurić Tilić (Kinorama, HR), Gabriela Bacher(Summerstorm Entertainment, DE/US) and Wiktoria Pelzer (Stadtkino Filmverleih, AT)
Moderated by Wendy Mitchell (Screen International)

New Location! WKW, Strasse der Wiener Wirtschaft 1, 1020 Vienna – Saal 05