Marianne Furevold

Marianne Furevold-Boland  is an executive producer at NRK Drama, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. One of her latest productions was the web-drama Skam, which are currently being remade in more than 8 countries.  

Marianne has worked in NRK for many years , primarily with kids and youth programs. But for the last years with more adult/family orientated series; thriller, humour, drama etc. She has been working on various project as a producer, script doctor, writer, journalist and presenter, both  in television and radio, fiction and documentary. 

She is educated as an actor from LIPA, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in the UK.

NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation – is the public service broadcaster in Norway. The objective of public service broadcasting is to provide the entire population with access to a broad range of content. The Broadcasting Act authorises NRK to engage in broadcast activities. NRK is financed by means of a license fee, and is obliged to offer public service broadcasting via radio, TV and the Internet. The NRK’s public service remit is set out in the NRK placard, which is incorporated into NRK’s articles of association.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) offers the Norwegian public a wide range of content with three national TV-channels, 14 national radio-channels and the website